About Us

Greater Manchester Homebirth Support Group was first set up in the year 2000, to enable parents who have had or who are planning homebirths, to meet and support each other.

Our aims

  • To encourage and support women and their partners with homebirth choices
  • To promote the normalisation of homebirth
  • To provide a space where parents to be or anyone interested in homebirth can come to discuss homebirth in a safe and supportive environment
  • To inspire, encourage and support our increasing homebirth service across Manchester by organising homebirth information days and conferences for all to attend

Greater Manchester Homebirth Support Group recognises that having support when planning a homebirth and talking to others who support homebirth or who have had a homebirth, can help women and their partners feel more confident and empowered. We hold monthly meetings and anyone interested in homebirth is welcome; parents to be, midwives, doulas, antenatal teachers, and parents who have had a homebirth, who would like to share their experiences with us.

Find us on FacebookWe have an active Facebook group where you can ask questions and gain support.

We also run a free, voluntary birth pool hire scheme for women within Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Our Volunteers

The group is run entirely by volunteers who are all parents with experience of homebirths.


CathyI’m Cathy and I took over the running of the homebirth group at the end of 2013. I first attended a homebirth meeting as a mum-to-be in 2011 and became something of a regular. I went on to have two wonderful homebirths with my daughters and no doubt the information and support I got from the group played a large part. I think homebirth is amazing and I want all women to know about it! I facilitate the Stockport meetings and am overall co-ordinator for the group.


NatalieHi I’m Natalie, mum to two children, the first born at Salford in 2010 and the second at the Birth Centre at North Manchester. As a Natal Hypnotherapy/hypnobirthing teacher and mentored doula, it has been my privilege to support many women who have had really empowering home births.  I also sit on the programme committee for the midwifery undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester.  I am passionate about helping women and their partners to make informed, confident decisions about birth. I facilitate the Bury Home Birth group.


RenaI’m Rena, mum of three and a hypnobirth instructor with The Wise Hippo. I love teaching women about the calm and relaxed way to give birth. I run the Salford meetings in Eccles.


RachelI’m Rachel and I coordinate monthly homebirth meetings in Chorlton. I have two children both born at home in 2013 and 2015. Both were fantastic experiences and I am passionate about spreading the word and normalising homebirth. I attended group meetings myself during both of my pregnancies and found it extremely beneficial to hear positive birth stories and get hints and tips from homebirthing families. My accompanying picture was taken at home on the day my son was born.


LucyI’m Lucy, Mum to two daughters born in 2006 and 2012. I knew with my first I wanted to have a homebirth, however I didn’t really prepare myself for birth and the midwives were not very supportive so I transferred to hospital for the delivery stage. For my second birth I decided to prepare! I found the peer support meetings and attended several with my partner, here we found lots of support and information which gave us the confidence and reassurance we needed. Whilst clinical support and information is useful peer support allowed me to ask ‘silly’ questions and hear lots of viewpoints. Having benefited from the group personally I started up meetings in Oldham so that other parents to be can access peer support locally.


Sarah-JaneI am an unschooling mama of four. I have had a caesarean section, hospital VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), homebirth BBA (Born Before Arrival of midwives) and a free birth. I’m a passionate advocate of informed choice and empowering women. Birthworker, artworker and advocate. A homebirthng, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth using, hippy! I will be co-ordinating meetings in Bolton soon.


IMG_0181Hi, I am Sue, I have two children – who are now adults. They were both VBAC births in hospital, following an earlier caesarean operation and homebirths were not encouraged at that time. Something I look back on with mixed feelings and feel strongly about as I now support other mums planning a homebirth. I am a qualified nursery nurse and parenting practitioner with over 30 years experience of working with families. I also teach the Touch Learn Infant massage and am qualified to deliver the infant massage routines for all babies including premature babies and babies with special needs. I am currently working as a mentored doula with Doula UK after completing my initial training with Nurturing Birth in 2014. I actively support the Community Birth Pool Scheme and attend homebirth support groups as often as possible. As I live in Middleton I attend the quarterly Middleton and Heywood homebirth support group that is led by the community midwives. I feel homebirth is the way forward.