Natalie’s homebirth story

My first birth, at hospital, was great. I was fully dilated at arrival with the triage nurse and was comfortable throughout the birth despite a back to back presentation without pain relief just breathing through the surges. After 3 hours of comfortable second stage I had an assisted delivery with ventouse and episiotomy as the consultant felt it best due to position and heart rate dropping.

This time I wanted to be more comfy after the birth and avoid episiotomy. I spent time involving chiropractic care, yoga and reviving my Hypnobirthing beliefs to help prepare me and optimise baby into the best position. This helped keep me significantly more comfortable whilst carrying too.

At 40+2 I woke up at 5:15am ish and had a show, I had some tightenings low down but managed to get half an hours sleep listening to Hypnobirthing MP3s. I text the midwife about 7am saying something might be happening, by this time my daughter was up and my hubby went in the shower, during this time I had 3-4 surges. I had a shower and again had a few surges, but still thought birth could be a while off.

By 7:30am I’d told hubby to carry on getting dressed for work & he could come home if I needed him. About 7:45 am I found myself sat on the loo not really managing to move which made me think things were definitely in motion but still I was quite comfy. I suggested hubby not go to work and just take daughter to nursery.

Things then started to crank up a notch. The sensations were coming thick and fast, quite intense and I felt I wasn’t managing so well, I started to feel sick too. When I said to hubby I thought this was transition he thought I was being a bit daft!

By 8am I managed to get downstairs and kneeled leaning on the sofa, at this point we rang mother in law to collect my daughter and hubby started filling the pool. I was certainly in the zone by one and was repeating the affirmations to myself until hubby played the MP3. He was running round still in his suit doing all sorts bless him!

My mother in law collected the little one about 8:25, by this point I felt my surges had changed, they felt as though I was bearing down and I had begun to make a noise/ moan at the end of each one, it felt good to let some noise out to help release the feeling. My lower back was feeling uncomfy, like there was pressure there, this part was really intense but I felt I could manage happily as I knew this was second stage and baby was nearly here. It still wasn’t painful and I was still calm just going with the flow.

Once my daughter had gone I felt I relaxed a little more. I crawled over still fully clothed to the inflated but almost empty pool worried my waters would go on our new carpet and leaned on the side of the pool, baby felt really low down.

8:40am the midwife arrived, at this point I called out to her that I felt the baby was coming.
She came in, helped me off with my clothes and turned to hubby to say “do you want to see this?.” Baby’s head was just visible! I kept visualising the blossom flower and kept my J breathing going, she helped remind me to relax and breathe baby down.

Baby Matilda Poppy, 15 minutes old

Baby Matilda Poppy, 15 minutes old

I could feel the head coming down and felt things ‘stretching’ again. I tried not to push and relax, my body certainly took over and did its thing. Then I felt some relief as the head emerged. At this point my waters finally went. Two more surges and the body slipped out. No stitches needed but a slight internal graze. Baby arrived at 8:53am! And was 9lb 1oz. She didn’t cry and was calm and alert. I had some bleeding so had assisted placenta delivery. This was the best feeling.

By 9:30am I was on the sofa having a cuddle and a piece of toast. 10:30am I had a shower and we spent the day chilling out having cuddles before introducing big sister to the new addition.

It was the most amazing delivery and I’ve felt so well since. I wish everyone could have an experience like this. I would certainly do it again. Matilda is a lovely chilled bundle of joy calmly breathed into this world at home.

Natalie – Cheadle Hulme, Stockport