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Sarah’s homebirth story

I became pregnant in March 2013. I have a severe needle phobia and believe that birth is a natural thing to do and wanted as few interventions as possible. At my booking in appointment I was told I was classed as high risk purely based on my BMI which was 35 (bear in mind that I’m 5′ 7″ and have K size breasts). I was told that I’d have to have consultant led care and would have to give birth in hospital whilst being monitored continuously. I was also told that if I didn’t have my blood taken they wouldn’t do a scan (12 week scan). I was upset and immediately started looking into other options. I was made aware of One to One midwives and emailed them asking them to take over my care.

One to One midwives were a world of difference to NHS midwives, I felt listened to and respected. We decided on a homebirth and was assured every step of the way.

Sarah's homebirth

Sarah, her partner and baby Isabelle shortly after birth.

Now to the good bit: my waters went at 14:15pm on Thursday the 14th November, I was 37+5. I phoned the midwife and my partner. My friend had just come round for a visit so helped me into the shower and stayed with me. There were no contractions to start with but I felt them start to build up and at about 21:30 we asked the midwife to come out. I had just been walking around and getting in and out of the bath and shower, I was calm and relaxed and practising my hypnobirthing breathing. I requested a vaginal examination at about 22:30 and the midwife said she couldn’t feel my cervix and that I had ages to go so try to get some rest and eat something to keep my energy up. She left at 23:30. I went to sit downstairs in my rocking chair, we had the lights off and continued with my breathing and visualisations. At about 01:30/02:00am I felt a difference in the surges, they changed to a downwards pressure and I felt like I needed the loo. My partner text the midwife to say I was panting so I didn’t push and was feeling a lot more pressure. She said that it was because the baby was back to back and was normal and to try and lie down. Lying down was the uncomfiest thing I have ever done so I got back into the bath. My partner was texting the midwife as I was pushing at this point, she said she was on her way. I was kneeling up in the bath and was feeling intense pressure. I suddenly felt different and felt between my legs and baby’s head was out!! Then I felt the rest of her come out. The cord was round her neck twice but not tightly so I unwound it and lifted her up and to my chest. This was at 04:26am. The midwife arrived 5 minutes later by which time baby was pink and breathing fine and had her eyes open looking around. We named her Isabelle and she was 6lb 13ozs.

I absolutely loved my birth and I don’t remember pain or pushing at all, it was just pressure. I know it sounds corny but my body totally took over and we ended up having an unintentional unassisted birth. I had opted not to have the injection to bring on the placenta because of my needle phobia. Unfortunately it didn’t come away and I ended up having a removal under general anaesthetic but even this didn’t take away from my experience!

Sarah – Swinton, Manchester