Top tips for childbirth from Birth You In Love

Kati's homebirth on BBC1

Kati’s homebirth on BBC1 Childbirth: All or Nothing

Kati’s home water birth was featured in ‘Childbirth: All or Nothing’ on BBC1 last Tuesday. Here she talks to us about the response she’s received from people all over the country and what she plans to do next to help bring normal birth back to the forefront of womens’ consciousness.

“I have been overwhelmed by the response and feedback. It seems that the importance of mental preparation and planning wasn’t lost on the placenta smoothie sensation!”

“I did lots of preparation for my birth to ensure I maximised my chances of things going well. I have a PDF that explains all the preparations I did. I researched a lot in journals, books and forums and I am happy for all birthing mamas to read it.”

PDF Download Birth Top Tips from the ‘Birth You In Love’ project (Revised) 629k PDF

“I would love to be able to get the ideas contained in this PDF made into a series of bitesize films that I will put for free on YouTube. I think this will be the most accessible way to get the message out to show what I did and help other birthing mamas be more prepared.”

“But I need the money to get it professionally edited and so, I have created a Crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to do this. I need to get the home birth community behind me in order for this to happen.”

“I have footage of both my births. The facebook page ‘Birth You In Love’ Project explains why. By showing the footage of my first birth, I hope to be able to empower first time mums too.”

indiegogo“Please help support the ‘Birth You In Love’ Indiegogo campaign by donating and sharing.”

“If anybody would like to be entered into a prize draw to win my beloved Oscha Braid Norse Wrap size 5, please Like the Facebook page and comment why ‘The Birth You In Love Project’ is a good idea! I will choose one lucky winner at random. I love my wrap but I want this project to happen more!”

Oscha Braid Norse Wrap

Kati wearing her Oscha Braid Norse Wrap

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  1. Fairygem

    I’m due in July with my first baby and Kati’s story and birth were so inspirational.. Thank you so much for agreeing to do the programme xxx

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